About me


My name is Cristina and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m in my late 20s, I work in Human Resources and I’ve recently started this blog. Although not my first attempt at blogging, this time I plan to update it weekly and not give upon it along the way.

I have many interests and hobbies, and I’m a very curious person. I try to stay positive and not let any negative energies  around me. When it comes to the state of things in my life, I tend to see the glass as half full. I am also maybe too optimistic for this world.

This blog is dedicated to a challenge and to a goal.

First, I’ve challenged myself not to go shopping in 2018. I’m also really interested in minimalism. I’ve read a lot about it last year, so for the last couple of months both me and my boyfriend started putting it into practice at home. Therefore, one of the categories on this blog is ‘Minimalism’ and will include posts about the non-shopping experiment  and posts related to our minimalist home and lifestyle.

Second, my goal for 2028 is to learn Japanese. I love Japan, the food and, probably most of all, the Japanese culture. Both my boyfriend and I would like to live in Japan at least one year, hopefully in the near future. Knowing the language is very important if we plan to move there, so I’m doing my best to study Japanese on my own everyday. I will use the ‘Japanese’ category for posts about this wonderful language and notes for vocabulary and grammar.

To all you of you reading this, I hope you will enjoy my posts and I also hope some of them might be useful or inspiring!