Thinking about socks

I hate to admit it but I have too much experience with unnecessary shopping. For me, unnecessary shopping means buying both clothes, objects, books or food I will actually never use or consume, and buying too much of the same thing.

I’m sitting on my couch writing about overbuying as, lately, I have been reflecting over socks, if you can imagine that! One of the most basic, rarely exciting accessory (is it really an accessory or is it clothing?!) that all of us no exception have and actually use.

When 2018 came I felt afraid. It wasn’t fear of falling into temptation and resuming shopping. What I was actually afraid of was running out of socks. That would be a tragedy, right?!

I wear socks almost every day except summertime and days when I wear tights with skirts or dresses. I also find myself, or used to do so, overbuying socks and sometimes underwear. It was hard to resist the sale prices, cute prints or ‘good’ deals.

After our last decluttering session, I counted around 20-25 pair of socks, including the pairs I use only at the gym. If I think about it, it’s a good number and my no socks to wear paranoia completely disappears.ย  But then, I cannot stop feeling shame for falling into the overbuying trap so many times. I used to do the same with underwear and come home to see I have too much black underwear (bottoms).

My mantra this year is make the most of the things you already have. My no shopping project is one year long right now, but I see my new attitude to clothes and things around my home as a permanent change, a valuable change in my lifestyle. Going back to the socks example of overbuying, I’m also feeling inspired by my boyfriend. He only buys them twice a year, unless of course my mother sends him a bunch of really nice pairs, which basically means no socks shopping at all for him.

When we buy too much there are several consequences: we spend money in the wrong way, we create clutter and later have to throw things away without wearing or using them once.

What have you been overbuying and how does that affect you? Have you also noticed how clothing shops push us to buy more, with all those socks or other small stuff placed right by the cashier’s desk?

It’s Sunday afternoon where I am and it’s the perfect weather for a walk. Have a great week everybody!