Confessions of a former shopaholic

First of all, apologies to all of you who might have been waiting for a weekly post. It’s been almost two months since my last post… Believe it or not, one of the reasons for this absence has been my self-criticism. Quite often I end up overthinking and end up going from being realistic about what I can do (or write in this case), to being overly self-critic.

Although I’m still 100% dedicated to my no shopping project and keeping it minimalistic at home, I felt I had nothing to write about, no way to contribute. Here I am not shopping, living my life and that’s it. This is what I’ve been feeling for the last couple of weeks.

I’m not working on becoming a famous blogger for one, and second, I’m not here to re-invent the wheel and start preaching about minimalism, consumerism, going organic or any of these lifestyles or trends.There is  so much information out there already, and my plan is to write about how one year without any shopping will change the way I manage my wardrobe, finances and how my lifestyle would eventually change.

I would love to contribute more by helping others start with minimalism, decluttering, organising their wardrobe and so on. Or by answering questions you might have and write about topics you would like to suggest. You are always welcome to do so.

Today, however, I feel like writing. It’s been three months since I started this project and I have some fresh thoughts about it to share with you, based on some recent experiences.

My thoughts have been revolving around two topics sort of saying: how have my outfit choices/options been affected by not adding items in my wardrobe and what to do when you need to buy something and the reason for it is outside your control.

The weather is still cold in Stockholm, so typical winter outfits are the way to go: sweaters of all kinds, layering, pants and skirts, with winter boots and nothing else, especially when there’s ice on the sidewalks. Although I’m very much aware of what the weather is like in Sweden, I can’t say I own a lot of wintery clothes, maybe more of winter accessories (scarves, gloves or hats).

Even so, and even with the no shopping project going on, I haven’t manage to rotate all of my winter appropriate sweaters! My workplace is very casual, so this is definitely not one of the reasons. Plus, I rarely buy bold or too revealing  pieces.

It appears I ‘obsess’ over some clothing pieces and just ignore the rest. I did rotate all of my winter appropriate bottoms except light jeans. I’ve also played a bit with accessories, or worn some dresses. I did some layering as well. In the end I did not manage to really wear all my clothes.

With some clothes, I do admit I would like to wait until it’s just a bit warmer or I’m fitter. In the end, my conclusion is, I really don’t need much. I don’t even care if people are aware of me repeating outfits or a certain piece in particular.

Last but not least, I did have thoughts that lead to a shopping need. I really have to admit this. Spending less time deciding what to wear or focusing on incorporating new clothes in my daily outfits, made me more attentive to proportions and how different clothes, lengths or styling look on me. I also got to see the quality of my clothes. In regards to the second, I am surprised about how long certain items last although they are not from high end fashion stores. As for proportions and dressing to flatter my body, I am a bit frustrated in the choice I made with pants for example. As I cannot go shopping for one year, I wish someone could just hand me a pair of good-fitting and good quality pants! This is an area where I want to carefully invest in next year.

I feel I’m also more aware of style and how important finding your personal style is. Trends come and go, so I’m not really interested in what’s hip, but my personal style needs to be defined. I’m working on it and I will be able to pull it off  with a minimalistic wardrobe. It’ just that it could be a time consuming project to carefully curate my wardrobe.

Moving on to my other thoughts, what happens if I do need to buy something this year? My wardrobe is diverse and I have good outfits for a formal dinner or event, going to a funeral, interview, you get it, more of a serious wardrobe. I also have cute going out pieces, but I don’t have any gowns, pretty formal dresses, such that one would need at a wedding for example.

It happens that in July this year I will be a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding, which I’m super excited about! I did not manage to buy the dress before the end of 2017 because the bride had not decided on the colour she wants for our dresses.

As of last week I know that I will wear a long dress in light green or mint green colour.  At first I felt a bit stressed about the idea of going shopping for this dress. It was a combination of having to buy something as exception, and also spending money on it, as I’ve been trying to save as much as possible.

I haven’t found the dress yet, but I’ve order several models and hopefully I’ll be able to chose one of them. I’m now OK with the idea of shopping for this dress. It’s an important event in my friend’s life and I’m honoured to be her bridesmaid . If I did go simply as a guest,  I could use some of dresses I already own.

Have an amazing week everyone!