Taking a walk on a cold Saturday morning

Today we woke up to cold but sunny weather in our beautiful city, Stockholm. My boyfriend felt like going for a walk to maybe take some photos around the city and then grab something to eat. I loved his idea so after breakfast we got dressed and headed out to enjoy our morning – lunch plans.

A lot of people are still away enjoy their vacation days, so the city is quiet and cozy.  It feels amazing, everything slows down and you can take your time admiring the beauty of this city.

We had coffee and then we stopped for lunch at a burger restaurant we recently discovered.

This morning I also had some thoughts running through my mind, mostly about the contents about my newly started blog. I also reflected a bit on how my consumerist behaviour has recently changed. As for my reflections, I’ll share them below in this post. However, coming up with ideas for regular blog entries will definitely be a work in a progress, an adventure maybe. Most of my writing experience comes from the academic area (I study law for 5 years and have written several papers and projects), and this is my first blog. I’m very committed to it – first of all it ‘s my chance to document my 2018 challenge. Second, although I’m not a minimalist guru and I did little research on this subject, I do wish to share with you how I’m actually implementing it and how both me and my boyfriend are making the most of our minimalist home and wardrobe. We are still learning, so we should find plenty of inspiration for our posts.

Going back to my morning reflections, I first looked back at my expenses this week and then made a mental list of potential traps I might fall in, budget-wise. Saving money is one of my priorities this year, hence the reason for worrying about other unnecessary expenses.

They say that when you give up a habit, you automatically pick up another to replace it. For example, chewing a lot of gum to replace smoking or overeating. Or, an actual positive example, eating fruit and vegetables as snacks instead of chips and sweets. There are both good and bad examples out there, and I’m only worries about bad habits I could pick up.

After eating out a couple of times this week, I felt stressed that this might become the next black hole for my money. I was actually overreacting, I ate out for good reasons, meeting a friend I don’t see too often and buying lunch at work as we’re still adjusting to being back at home and working, so meal planning hasn’t been fully resumed.

However, I cannot stop and analyse this a bit. Having more funds and not spending even a little time each month doing shopping, one can easily be tempted to throw money at other activities or on other products. As mentioned in my first post, books are at the top of the list of things I can buy in 2018. But this is because I love reading, it’s one of my top hobbies I enjoy indoors. Yet, there is a limited number of books I can read, as I work full time and I have other interests too. The risk of overbuying books and not reading all of them is very low.

Eating out – that’s another story. Even this should be a low risk, as I already have a couple of months of giving up drinking coffee out (replaced by good coffee at home and strong coffee at work which comes free). We’ve also developed a strong interest in meal planning and cooking at home for a minimum of two days.

The more I think about all this, the more foolish I feel to be honest. It’s probably just a period of adjusting to the idea of not shopping and filling up my time with other projects. In the longer, it should actually mean more time to focus on my career steps and side projects, activities for us as couple and with our families and last but not least, more motion and social activities.

I feel mature enough to maintain a balance in all areas of my budget, as well as life in general. Stress less, live more.

Enjoy the weekend! 🙂