It’s been only three days…

It’s been only three days since 2018 and my challenge started and I feel FINE! Seriously, I’m back at work, meeting friends, trying out ramen recipes and January sales or going shopping are the last thing on my mind.

However, I’m still collecting packages for the things I bought in December, and so far it looks like more than half of the items I’ve purchased will have to be returned. I’ve learnt how to be picky. In a very good way and in many areas of my life. I feel the need to explain myself. I’m not that crazy when it comes to shopping and it’s not the case of impulse shopping. I honestly wanted these items to be amazing. But they weren’t and for reasons such as: in the photo on the website the dress I picked looked better or it doesn’t fit properly. When it doesn’t work, I just send it back or return it in store. As much as I like online shopping especially when they deliver in 1-2 days, I absolutely dread putting everything back in a neat way (I always feel guilty for tearing that plastic transparent bag and inserting an item never as they did during production and packing) and taking the walk to the post office or shop. There are many choice as well which is good when you go bargain hunting, but the disappointment with the fit or fabric, kind of ruins it for me.

I’m not going to lie, I did check one or two of my favourite websites to see what went from 50% to 70% off, but that was it. Just plain curiosity. I really think I can do this, one year of no shopping. I have so many brand new clothes, I’m not even afraid that I will cheat with replacements for old jeans or basics.