New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year! …and happy new post!

I love a good challenge and I also love the idea of New Year’s resolutions, so this year my list is composed out of plans to stay fit, eat less candy, save money and the ultimate challenge: not go shopping for an entire year! 


I did a lot of winter sale shopping, so I pretty much feel ready for it. I also have been building a wardrobe of staple pieces and easy to mix colours (there are lots of black in there). Living in Scandinavia, where this is such an elegant colour, it only made sense that it’s one of the ways to visually blend in.

Going back to my ultimate challenge – no shopping during 2018 – I feel that I need to explain the rules. Here it goes:

What I plan to avoid buying this year:

Clothes & underwear

Shoes & bags



Make up and cosmetics

Exceptions: Replacement for any beauty products that I will run out of or have to replace.

What I allow myself to spend money on:



Entertaiment and courses


Gifts for others (which can be any of the above items from both lists)

I feel really motivated to this! Although I don’t spend money like crazy and I’m a bargain hunter, I do consider this experiment to bring something positive in to my life. I like to buy clothes, accessories or beauty  and it often happens that I buy at least one thing every month. This is completely unecessary and I’m at a place in my life where saving money should be a priority. Why you may ask? Simply because there are many other things out there to enjoy, and past experiences have shown me that the best things in life are actually free. The realist in me will complete this statement with the following: yet, having bills paid and food to eat, makes life perfect (if there’s anything as perfect life).  Travel and real life and work experiences is what I’m most inter

ested in. Hobbies are also something to invest in.

Moving forward, my decision has also been based on seeing how often I end up donating a big part of my wardrobe (anything from clothes to shoes I rarely wore or have never worn but for some reason it feelt good to buy them). Not buying clothes, bags and shoes will lead to enjoying even more the things I already have and use, while I will also focus more on taking better care of them.

I’ve always loved decluttering and keeping my home in order, this is something that I realised at an early age. I remember being as young as 14 and re-arranging our home library. As for my room, everything had to be deposited somehow as opposed to having everything in the open. I’ve also rarely felt remorse for giving away objects or clothes as in the end it’s just things. I think who we are as individuals is much more (or at least should be) interesting and the relationships we build or the time we spent reading a good book, watching a movie, playing a sport, taki

ng a trip are what matter in life. And if it’s meaningful and use care about it, you will not be thinking about the clothes and shoes you’re wearing. Do you agree? Or am I just being a weirdo?

To be continued…